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Robinson Fang

Extremely happy with the staff of this currency exchange store.
They speak english!
Were really nice to me. I was a little nervous and gave them 100usd less less but they didn't make me feel uncomfortable with it and took it as a mistake. I was so ashamed.
Also rates are the best among the around 10 another exchange counters I visited. Didn't have the time to go back to Ginza and I couldn't really find another one like this.

Greetings and thanks from Argentina.

Kiet Nhan

Very good rates compared to others that I check around. This USD To Yen.

Arvin Dent

As of may 2018. they had the best exchange rate usd to yen (no commission)

Mauro Mileta Menacho

Definetly recommend this exchange agency. They have the best rate in Japan! The english language is perfect and they are good people.

Naveen Gautham

I was visiting tokyo and run out of cash on prepaid forex card. Was carrying USD and found exchangers in Ginza. They were very courteous and did the conversion at a good price. Thank you exchangers.


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